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We value our patients' experience at Airport Chiropractic. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Tom Schiltz
Your Des Moines Chiropractor

Excellent children's chiropractic

"I have been bringing my children to Airport Chiropractic Center since they were 1 week old. Dr Schiltz and his staff helped my children reduce and almost eliminate ear infections. Now that they are involved in sports, I find it very important to keep the spines in alignment."
-Stacy, Des Moines, IA  

Gentle, effective care

"Dr Schiltz has been taking care of me for over 16 years. I started going to him after a terrible fall on the ice in 1995, causing extreme lower back pain. He has incredible techniques to relieve lower back pain and headaches. Thanks Dr. Schiltz for the great exercises over the years to help strengthen my core. If I was more diligent in doing the exercises, I would probably not need you so frequently. Thanks for not giving me a hard time on not following your directions and most of all thanks for all the relief over the years."  
-Melisha P., Des Moines, IA

Relief after 7 years of back pain

My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Tom Schiltz of Airport Chiropractic at 4026 Fleur Drive in Des Moines, Iowa for just under one year. My initial visit to Airport Chiropractic was made because I had been suffering with neck pain for approximately 7-10 years and in-frequent lower back discomfort. We live in the area and I had noticed the “Airport Chiropractic” sign many times while driving back and forth on Fleur Drive which is close to where we shop and live. With consistent headaches and neck pain, I made an appointment and after consultation, began a vigorous chiropractic treatment program to relieve pressure in the neck area and commence re-alignment of my spine.
The consultation and X-rays did reveal that my condition was not reversible but, it could be managed with regular chiropractic care. I was not eager to accept the fact that I might be seeing a chiropractor for the rest of my life. Dr. Schiltz was very thorough in his explanation of my condition and advised that I initially see him two times per week. I noticed immediate results right after my first treatment. The first month was a struggle with muscle spasms and soreness from the adjustment – but Dr. Schiltz reassured me that things would “settle down” and they did. My headache and stiffness began to dissipate. I noticed better range of motion in being able to turn my head to the right and left. More than I had experienced in several years. I began a regular exercise program and saw results with more energy and overall well-being. My appointment moved into a maintenance program approximately 8 months after my first visit and I am now seeing the Doctor for adjustments every two weeks.
Having benefited from Dr. Schiltz’s treatment we realize the important part chiropractic care has made in our lives.
Gary & Deb – Des Moines

Chiropractic Care Helped My Entire Family

I am very thankful to you and chiropractic. Chiropractic services had previously helped me after an accident in which I fell and put my hip out. At the time, I did not realize what was wrong with me as I continued to stiffen up and became unable to bend over to touch tie my shoes. I was in constant pain all over my body and I was having severe headaches. Nothing I did helped my situation until a friend said try Chiropractic services. After one visit I was able to touch my feet again and was without pain. I continued to receive adjustments as needed for about one year.. I was so thankful.
As I said, I brought my entire family because I was experiencing hip problems again after a car accident. What I did not expect to happen is what I consider a miracle. My adopted son Danny who was 12 at the time had never been able to cross his legs and sit Indian style. His legs and knees only moved slightly to one side but not at all to the other. Danny had trouble climbing steps. He could not run and did not like to walk. Danny could not sit on the floor to play with toys but would rather lie on the floor in an awkward position. He was becoming increasingly more hunchbacked and he had little movement in his neck. Danny had always been this way. The doctors had all said there was nothing they could do for him.
When you first showed us Danny’s x-rays I wanted to cry. His spine was twisted and contorted in such a manner I was sure there was nothing that could be done for him and yet you were confident. The night after Danny’s first adjustment we were sitting in the family room and Danny was sitting in the chair. Suddenly he called me. AS I turned to look he was sitting Indian style in the chair. He said, “I just thought about it for a minute, and then I thought I can do this so I tried. It’s a miracle.” It certainly was! Danny’s health and well-being have continued to improve. His legs were still weak but with the help of a wonderful physical education teacher Danny is running and won a gold medal in soccer at the Special Olympics! Danny is now able to do all the things he couldn’t before. After a few adjustment, Danny said to you, “I think I am getting taller.” Fortunately he had just had him measured before our first visit. You said to re-measure him and when we did we found that Danny was four inches taller because of the adjustments which straightened his spine! I can’t imagine the pain this boy must have been in.
All our children were helped and have improved not only in health but also in behavior. Tina was pulling her hair out and after a few adjustment she stopped. You stated her neck was totally out of place. Tina is diagnosed with FAE, ADHD, RAD, OCD, ODD, and PTSD. Every time I take Tina to you I see a little more improvement. She becomes calmer, less hyper, more together and happier. I encourage everyone I meet to try Chiropractic services because of the wonderful benefits my family receives. Currently it is a preventive expense we must pay for out of our pockets but it is the best money spend each month.
I thank you again for your services. Chiropractic care has helped my family physically, emotionally and mentally and has been a lifesaver for our children.
Valerie – Des Moines

Dr. Schiltz was/is an answer to Prayer

Last month I celebrated my 39’th birthday for the 30’th time. My wrinkles and gray hair do not hurt, the hearing aids, slowing down, and arthritis are an inconvenience. My husband has needed a total care due to strokes and finally a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s. This created a lot of stress and loss of sleep, many doctor appointments and hospital trips. Two years ago a nursing home placement was necessary for him. I did hurt a lot and weighed 104 lbs. I had constant ear infections, colds, headaches, my shoulder hurt, and was so tired of advice that didn’t work, or wasn’t possible. I got a complete physical exam, went through some therapy for my shoulder, went to two Ear Specialist and an Allergist. I took my prescriptions and still felt terrible and hated feeling that way. I read an article in the newspaper about Airport Chiropractic and it was so close to home.
Years ago I had been helped after an auto accident, but that doctor wasn’t alive so, I made an appointment and feel it was an answer to prayer. Driving was a real problem because I had to use my left hand to get my elbow up to the key to start the car but I needed to go to the nursing home and live alone. After the first few adjustments I slept so much, that not much got done!! This Christmas I was even able to put up my own lights and can do everything I need or want to do. I plan to continue on the wellness program so I can enjoy my grandchildren, and visit my husband and catch up with the things I enjoy. Thank you again just don’t lose patience with this patient!!!!!
Louise – Des Moines